welcome to 26354 - where the excitement never starts


First thing's first, I visited Par purely by accident in the autumn of 2004 - a story of unbelievable tedium which I won't bore the reader with here.

The only reason for putting these snapshots on the site are simply because I cannot believe that planning permission was passed for the monstrosity that was created on the beach (tourist / dock) area - truly breathtaking!!!!!

Someone, somewhere MUST know who is responsible for this abortion - report them to the UN, or some other international authority, so that some form of fitting retribution can be handed out to the f*&^%s.


Walk onto the beach from the main road and this is the
view that greets you - everytime, guaranteed.

Then look to your right!!!!!!!!!!

Who on earth took the biggest backhander in the history of Cornwall to get that heap built?!?!!!??